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              About us
              Dingchen Group
              Safety is the fundamental quality is the life is pragmatic purpose of benefit is the goal

              Hebei Dingchen Agricultural Group Co., Ltd., is located at Kaiyue Road, Kaiping District in Tangshan city. It is an enterprise that is dedicated to large proprietary processing production of fruits and vegetables export. It was founded in October, 2005, and the registered capital of which is RMB 30 million and it is one of provincial agricultural industrialized key leading enterprises. The company is mainly occupied with processing and export trade of green peas, carrots, green beans, sweet corn. Products are exported to as far as Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and some other countries and regions. It covers an area of 45000O, includin... Learn more+

              • Product freshness, health and safety

                1  Product freshness, hea..

                Company not only has the domestic leading refrigeration equipment, has introduced the magnetic refri..

              • Excellent leadership and strong team

                2  Excellent leadership a..

                Leadership consciousness, a strong sense of commander in chief in advance, the team advanced technol..

              • Perfect management system

                3  Perfect management sys..

                Company is the production process in strict accordance with the SSOP and HACCP system, ISO22000 food..

              • Perfect service system

                4  Perfect service system..

                Company set up and implement the standardization of logistics service system, passed the acceptance ..

              • Joint distribution, price is low

                5  Joint distribution, pr..

                Companies have their own distribution center of agricultural products, the company joined other comp..

              • Products cover both at home and abroad

                6  Products cover both at..

                Company production of quick-frozen sweet corn, beans, bean, carrot, mix vegetables etc. The products..

              • Has its own planting base, good varieties of intro

                7  Has its own planting b..

                1. Set up your own sweet corn, beans and other raw material planting base, and gradually expand to t..

              • Cold chain logistics standardization

                8  Cold chain logistics s..

                The company establish and implement the cold-chain logistics standardization system, from product pa..

              Address: China hebei tangshan kaiping district on the road
              The ministry of domestic trade:
              0315-2989186 13832816522
              The ministry of foreign trade:
              0315-2989086 13831531146
              Mail editor: 063000

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